The benefits of using a bankruptcy attorney

life-after-bankruptcyDeclaring bankruptcy is a difficult decision for most people to make. It often is the final step down a long road of financial difficulties, full of stress and anxiety. With so many money woes, hiring a bankruptcy attorney seems like an unnecessary expense. Having an experienced attorney at your side is important for traversing the complexities of the bankruptcy process.
Here are some of the benefits of hiring an attorney:

  • Ridding yourself from creditor harassment. Once you file with the courts, creditors are supposed to stop the collection calls. However, they do have the right to contact you for information on your case. If you have an attorney involved, all calls, emails, and correspondence go to his office. You get peace and quiet.
  • Making no mistakes on the paperwork. Judges are quite stringent on the amount of detail needed in court documents and forms. Seemingly minor problems in paperwork can get a case thrown out of court. An experienced attorney can ensure that all your paperwork is filled out properly before filing. This makes the entire process smoother and protects your legal rights.
  • Protection from your own lack of knowledge. Did you know that most kinds of debt have a time limit? If you have a credit card debt that is 15 years old, you may not have any need to pay it. This is the detailed information that an attorney can provide you. It can save you money and protect your assets.
  • Insurance protection. Attorneys carry malpractice insurance. If the attorney does something that affects your case, you can file a claim against the insurance for losses due to that mistake. This protection does not exist for people who file their own cases.
  • Protect your assets. Despite rumors to the contrary, the bankruptcy courts do not require that you get rid of all your assets when you file for relief. Certain assets can be protected so that you can clear away your debts while retaining some of your personal worth.

If you are facing the hard decision to file for bankruptcy, sit down with an experienced attorney first. You can get advice on how to proceed with the process and get back on track to living your life.


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