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Determining if Bankruptcy is Right for You

bankruptcy attorney miami

Dealing with a financial crisis or continued hardship may at times seems overwhelming. The good news is that you are not alone amid an experience that countless Americans and Floridians face every day. The even better news is that the law can help you emerge from financial adversity, and relatively unscathed at that. Should you require the assistance of a bankruptcy attorney in or near Miami, Florida, Adams and Associates, P.A. will represent your interests in a professional and committed fashion. You should not have to face difficulties like these without the help of a lawyer who understands what you

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Trump Changes The Housing Market

President-elect, Donald Trump has caused such a stir since election night all many fronts. No matter your thoughts on the newly elected commander and chief, he might have a HUGE effect on the housing market. Trump is promising to raise the national GDP by 3.5% to 4%. If this is true, it will create thousands of new jobs for people with families who will be in the market for new homes. Florida is in line to benefit tremendously if that happens. Either way, experts do not foresee any negative impacts a Trump presidency will have on the housing market. In

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Check Kiting Costs Banks Millions

Recently, a large bank located in the southeastern part of the United States agreed to pay out $9 million in claims settlements. They settled the allegations that they knowingly knew of cash kiting schemes and pushed themselves in front of other victims to recover their losses first. Synovus Bank, based in Columbus Georgia, settled with plaintiffs without admitting they acted maliciously or had any involvement in the wrongdoing. They settlement which was agreed upon and included South Florida-based attorneys who represented Frank Mongelluzzi and his wife Anne who owned a Clearwater based staffing firm, Able Body’s, who allegedly committed the

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The four factors that will influence South Florida’s real estate market in 2016

For South Florida’s real estate market, 2016 looks to be a promising year. No one can definitively predict the future of the market a year out, but trends suggest it will continue to grow. Here’s a look at four factors that will influence South Florida’s real estate market in 2016.

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The benefits of using a bankruptcy attorney

Declaring bankruptcy is a difficult decision for most people to make. It often is the final step down a long road of financial difficulties, full of stress and anxiety. With so many money woes, hiring a bankruptcy attorney seems like an unnecessary expense. Having an experienced attorney at your side is important for traversing the complexities of the bankruptcy process. Here are some of the benefits of hiring an attorney.

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